पूजा च पूजनीयानं , एतं मङ्गल मुत्तमं। (Worship A Person Who’s Worthy Of Your Worship)

The earlier post emphasised on the beliefs of Christianity and Islam. In this post…well, you’ll find that out.

How can the personality of the messengers of God affect our lives? Can their lifestyles, their morals & their tolerance for Non-Believers affect us? In what way? Let us find out, together.

  1. This post came up solely after stumbling upon the section where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. The moment where not just him, but the whole world got enlightened. Birds chirping around joyously in the thick forest in Gaya, and the trees swaying their branches so as to let the beautiful flowers of Ficus religiosa fall upon the lotus shaded feet as though in benevolence to him; Oh! What a beautiful site it must have been!
  2. The search for the cause and the solution to the prevalent suffering were now known to one. But were people ready to accept it?, thought Buddha. The Vedic religion in those times had its roots embedded deep in the minds of people. Women were denied of liberty to speak and gaining knowledge and so were the untouchables. World was unjust, unfair, and no less than hell. How will people except equality? How will they stop believing in Karma? Moreover, will people accept a religion without God? Buddha thought.
  3. When finally he decided to preach whatever knowledge he’d gained, he started towards Sarnath in search of the five paravrajakas who’d left him after he consumed the bowl of rice offered by Sujatha.
  4. The five paravrajakas after knowing that they were being approached by Lord Buddha sat in resentment. They thought, ‘Siddhartha loves luxury. He shook from the path of asceticism. He’s committed a sin. We won’t welcome him.’
  5. Now, Lord Buddha was in their eyesight. The enlightened figure shone in the bright sun, like lustrous gold. The peaceful smile upon his face, and the radiating aura made their hearts melt. Their anger and hate were subdued by admiration and respect for the enlightened one.
  6. Lord Buddha’s personality reflects the most compassionate heart, a peaceful mind, far away from sorrows, worthless thoughts and worldly desires. He was as calm as stagnant water in a lake. He was human and yet at the same time, so different.
  7. It is important that we have role models in our life, right? So that we know what kind of personality we want to become in future.
  8. Can any religion in this world put forth their missionaries who were just a human being, not the Son of a God, or a “Chosen One” but just any other human being who achieved greatness with sheer hardwork and perspiration? Someone that you, me anyone can become?
  9. No. It’s only Lord Buddha who was just like us, walked upon the earth with us, and died just like we will.
  10. You have the potential to become a Buddha. You have everything you need to become a Buddha. You can find your own answers, you can yourself find the truth.

Next post will be up soon! Thanks for reading this. I plan to put up more questions regarding God and different philosophies all around the world before I continue Buddhism. Stay tuned!


12 thoughts on “पूजा च पूजनीयानं , एतं मङ्गल मुत्तमं। (Worship A Person Who’s Worthy Of Your Worship)

  1. Yes, that’s exactly the point. Everyone has the same potential or Buddha nature. And we have the example before us he was not angry as he did not kill, he was not jealous as he did not covet, and he was not ignorant as he saw things as they are. He shared all he had offered it so to speak to whoever had an open mind. There was no control, no force, and not even any persuasion. Just a perfect example.

    Thank you so much for the reminder.



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  2. Actually I love Buddhism. I don’t study it a whole lot, but I have a ton of respect for it. It has a ton of wisdom (now understood as knowledge) in it that could help Christians become so much more Christ-like. It just shows you where their heart really is. Anyways thought I would comment again just cause. Keep up the good work 🙂

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  3. Earlier everything become supernatural which human mind cannot understand. Later on people start fearing god then they follow.In reality we don’t understand 0.001 percent about cosmic forces.Religion and spirituality is quite different, it should not be mixed

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    1. Although it’s true that the birth of religions in the world was after people started believing in “spirit” or mystic forces but that doesn’t disconnect them in any way. Religion is supposed to be followed to enhance and nurture our spirit. Religion does not necessarily consist of believing in a supernatural being like God but it also comprises of important factors in life like morals or ethics and ritual, the way we live life, the way we find happiness in every little thing and our purpose of life because science or no “cosmic forces” are bound to teach us that. Religion is meant to develop and nurture spirit and so in my opinion, they go hand in hand.

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    1. That’s true but in social communities, religion does not matter. There are just these fanatics in every religion who try to bring about ill will amongst different religions especially in a secular country like India. Everyone has a different perspective of life and we should respect that. Thank you for reading my post and sharing your views!!

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  4. I love Lord Buddha very much. And you are correct, we have a culture that expects people to have to be important from the beginning in order to be admired. However, it’s not just Buddhism that teaches this. In Hellenizmos, the Heroes of Old were mostly regular people. When they died they became Pagan Saints for lack of a better term that we as Hellenics call on for help.

    They aren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But they are our friends and protectors. Once they were human. They know what it’s like to be us. And they achieved a divine enlightenment by the good deeds they did in life.

    In death they were given special power to aid the living. Catholicism more or less has a similar theme with the Cult of the Saints. Of course they use heavy doses of religious dogma in the Saints lives as Propaganda for conversion.

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