Hindutva against Secularism in India

Initially, I wanted to discuss the idea of God and related questions but everyday I come across stuff that are so much pathetic. India is a secular country – the preamble of our constitution itself states that. But recently as a result of the political upheaval of RSS and simultaneously Hindutva in India, particularly targeting communists or leftists from JNU is horrendous beyond words. I came across videos of one of the renowned historian Romila Thapar where she states that history is now being framed in a way to convince people that Aryans were indigenous and that India should no longer be secular but a Hindu-rashtra.


This particular video focuses on fooling people’s minds into believing that Hinduism is wrongly blamed for bringing about inequality and social discrimination and untouchability. I say, any historian who has worked in India would state, based on facts that it was the ancient Vedic religion which put forth the theory of discrimination thousands of years back. And the point about Harappan culture, as far as I’ve read, it was one of the best civilizations of the world where the city used to have a great bath, possibly. If great bath actually existed, then how can they claim that they socially discriminated? When they had uniform houses with excellent town planning, there’s no doubt that the accusations are false.

The guy then continues to say that Buddhism and Jainism also involved social discrimination which is totally a false accusation. They are the religions originating after Vedic religion/Brahminism did and clearly practised equality because unlike Hinduism, they mainly focus on principles to be followed in life and prohibited rituals or ceremonies to please Gods and Goddesses.

Recently India is just so weakened in terms of politics and views, it’s depressing because none of our great forefathers, who put forth religions which changed human lives in ways that are remarkable, would never want people to spread ill against their hard work and philosophies gained after much perseverance.

Brahminism promoted sacrifices of cattles to please Gods and performed rituals which had close to no relation with achieving salvation or lead a better human life. They were Aryans, who colonised India which was back then inhabited by indigenous people. To maintain supremacy and enjoy power, they created the Chatur-varna system of ideal society which they wanted. Untouchables or the indigenous people had no rights and were exploited. History is evident of these facts and also that Buddhism accepted Bhikkus from diverse classes and included women too.

And the people who suffer the most in all of this are the innocent minds of India. The history textbooks were challenged to be written in a way to glorify Hinduism thus fulfilling their objectives. It’s a shame that historians have to argue with these ignorant people about facts that have been proved time and again.

The objective of writing this all was that firstly, I didn’t want to write a long comment on a YouTube post which anyways gets unnoticed. Secondly, I have this blog. And thirdly because I’ve been brought up with history textbooks which always glorified certain political leaders and views.

I hope people someday realize that whatever shown by Indian media whether it be broadcasting channels or newspapers are not always based upon facts but are the stories made up by idle minds. Calling innocent people as terrorists or desh-drohi can never suppress the truth that they speak because when 99 fools believe in the opposite, there is 1 single person who supports truth and that’s not an ordinary achievement.

Don’t be surprised if tomorrow they say that Mahabharata and Ramayana are not mythologies but a part of history.

Oh guess what, someone just said that!




19 thoughts on “Hindutva against Secularism in India

  1. This is sad and abhorrent. It reminds me of the Christian Right Wing we have here in North America. I have followed you and hope to learn more from you. I’m a Communist as well. Sad to see Revolutionaries being persecuted in India.

    I knew India had corrupt systems and leaders but this totally blows my mind away. Thank you for opening my eyes.


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  2. An interesting article for sure. Well Hindutva or Secularism is one’s own perspective and begins within one’s heart though one must research more to know the facts. A good try with this topic.

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    1. Agreed that it’s one’s own perspective but it’s about how we, as a society would get affected because of that. Political influence in education already shows it’s ill effects in our country and if religion would influence both public and government decisions, we all can create a picture of how it would turn out to be.
      As for facts, we can collect thousands of them and yet will not be able to put forward our views.
      In that case, one should think righteously and follow what we actually feel, and that’s justice to all without consideration of their religious beliefs.

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